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I am a full time blogger focusing on mental health concerns and my perspective. Also writing on memories Stemming from my experiences with truama throughout my life which resulted in diagnosis of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and Agoraphobia. I welcome your feedback and questions on all subjects. For me, the best therapy has been the ablity to speak candidly about my experiences and really engage with readers. Well, that and a lot of therapy also helped.

In addition I write about my French Mastiff, Apollo. Apollo has been a blessing in my life. I think everyone needs a dog. If for nothing else the comedic purposes are indispensable. They also listen when no one else is interested. They also provide a reason to get out of bed when needed. Plus there is nothing else like the unconditional love they give.


I am a veteran, and I highly recommend that anyone who has served in the military previously connect with the veterans association. You can use the link is below for more information. Also it’s important to check that all of your information is correct with the records they retain. I addition once you have done that, look over available benefits. It’s important to keep your medical care options open. You may not need health care now, but in the future it may become a life line. Personally I feel blessed for the medical care I have recieved. Also I’m addibg the link to the veterans crisis page. Sometimes you may prefer to speak to someone with military knowledge. This link will provide phone and text options.

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Denise Brown

Denise Brown, Full-time Blogger (2018-present). Neecee B Full -Time blogger focusing on personal experiences and perspective on a wide range of topics. Mother, wife, and veteran has provided experience in many areas.

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