An Easter Present

French Mastiff

I have a french mastiff baby that I worked really hard to get. It was a mixture of opportunity and my husband having a weak moment. We have a one friends that happened to have a litter and we joked for awhile that I needed one. The problem is we live in a small house and already had two dogs. So I figured my chances where slim to none in getting my hands on one of these pups.

It did happen though with help from friends we got my husband to agree to one of these pups. His story is he doesn’t remember, but I had witnesses. When the big day came that the pups where born I was on the phone with my friend as they where being born. It was at first a great call that turned to a really sad situation. They lost two pups that day. The mother was not interested in caring for the pups and had rolled on them. Over the next week one by one the pups passed away. Even with bottle feeding and friends taking turns watching them it just wasn’t meant to be. I knew they had a line of people wanting pups and there where very few left so I without any discussion figured it just wasn’t my time.

Months later I ran into my friend and she says all casually if I still wanted a puppy. I was shocked they still had one available. It turned out that only one puppy had survived. It was a boy and had been raised by hand because of the moms disregard for this litter. And for various reasons they had not placed him with anyone. So to wrap up this intro I ended up with this bottle baby pup that has been spoiled silly since making the investment in buying him. And despite my very fancy dog, I live in a ghetto area.

Which was fine until the virus came along. My neighborhood lost its mind. I was tipped off to the crazy when we drove by the gun store and there was a line down the street and wrapped around the corner. I literally didn’t want to talk to anyone about the fact we hadn’t run out of toilet paper yet. It became a concern that I didn’t want to get a home evasion for my damn toilet paper.

But the crazy got to a whole new level the other day. I had my three dogs out in front of my house. Now I honestly have always been concerned for our mastiff puppy. He is only six months old which leaves him looking a little like a full grown pit but with a puppy demeanor. I had my door wide open because I was doing some cleaning while the dogs where outside. My dogs are kept indoors other then bathroom time so the two youngest are pretty spoiled.

The oldest is a rescue that has spent time on the streets before he was picked up by the dog catcher. He is old and at the point where he just doesn’t give a shit and plans escapes from the yard to go and walk the street on our street. He tries and find some food or trash. Cuz he is on a strict diet at home. Problem is the second dog was adopted as a baby and although he is a mutt he is spoiled to the point he carries a toy with him more often then not. He is a Barker though and he doesn’t trust anyone because he is a momma’s boy.

Now the youngest mastiff is a baby that was bottle fed as a pup and I brought home when he was young. He is big and doppy and constantly trips over his big feet because he hasn’t grown into them yet. So on this day my oldest got out and the other two followed. Now they where right in front of my yard and people have seen them before because we have a dog walker who has walked them all for some time. So to my surprise two of the dogs came running back inside acting terrified. Of course the mastiff wasn’t with them so I knew right away something was wrong.

The youngest never went anywhere alone. My husband went out to call for him and he noticed the family across the street went inside while he was calling and they had a few cars in front of thier house so it looked like they where having some people over. For the rest of the night we would go out periodically when we heard noise outside. We knew though someone had him. The other two refused to go outside and looked depressed that whole night. It seemed something must have happened to the other two to get them to run back inside and leave him.

The next morning I started looking up his microchip information. We had him chipped when he got neutered and his vaccines. Luckily the home again microchip company has been building avenues for a long time now. When a pet is listed as missing his chip will come up as missing. Now that alone won’t do a whole lot because it would need to be scanned in order to have that information come up. So they take it a little farther. If you have an account with them they will send you updates about animals that are missing in your neighborhood.

But what really reaches the public is the fact they submit to all the groups in your area. For example the ring door bell has a neighborhood online group and they are notified of animals that are missing. And people can see what has happened in thier neighborhood. It’s common to see footage uploaded of missing animals spotted. Once that missing poster was blasted out in my city. It seemed someone had accessed his microchip information.

It’s common for rescue groups or aids to have scanners to check animals that are brought in. It was within two hours that we where notified he was scanned. Home again sent me a notice they where reaching out to the individual. I had a contact number right back.
But that’s when the story takes a sharp left turn. At this point he had been gone one night. When I got Karen on the phone she was very reserved and told me her son had been visiting our neighborhood when he “found” my dog. She even mentioned the son reported seeing my other dog run home. But had decided it would be appropriate to then take my puppy to his mother that was about a half hour away from my neighborhood. She wouldn’t give us her address and asked to keep him another night. I was speechless as I had never experienced a “rescuer” with this demeaner. She reluctantly agreed to meet us away from her home to hand over my baby.

We left within ten minutes. We waited for a few minutes for her to pull up. My husband walked over and I got the car ready to put him in. I looked over and she was standing in front of her door as if to block him. When I walked over she reluctantly opened the door and let him out. He ran up to me and made a straight line for our car. I stayed with him and he seemed exhausted. The “rescuer” kept my husband for awhile telling him a strange story. She apparently bred mastiffs so her and her son recognized him as a mastiff and not a pit.

Which just told me that they knew exactly how much he was worth. Also that they are not commonly available. But I was still surprised by the story she told my husband.
Apparently she had recently lost a son and the day he was taken was Easter. So it seems her son who wasn’t visiting our neighborhood, but actually lived next to us. Which explains why when my husband was looking for him they all went inside and didn’t acknowledge him. Her son had decided since he knew his mother had an affinity for mastiff dogs he decided my baby was the perfect present to give his mother for Easter. Her being a breeder she had a scanner for placing the microchips in her litters.

Dogue de Bordeaux french mastiff

When she ran him since he had already been reported as lost home again was alerted right away. She repeatedly asked us to keep her number if anything came up with him in the future which seemed strange as she had already admitted her son had intentionally stole the dog and she had tried to guilt my husband into changing his intention of taking our dog home. Telling him how sad she was about her dead son and all the other reasons why she was so sad.
Of course I hate for anyone to be sad but the fact was this particular dog had played a big part in helping me get up and get through my issues. Before we got him I could barely get out of bed each day. I wouldn’t go outside my house. I wouldn’t do laundry because it is in an attached room next to the house.

My husband was carrying the full load. But when I brought him home. Yes I wanted him so much I drove myself to our friends house to pick him up. I had to set up a payment plan in order to buy him. If you aren’t familiar with mastiffs you might know how slowly they mature and they are hard headed. His training is a battle and he gets his own ideas. When he doesn’t get his way he gets vocal. He cries and talks back when he wants something. And he keeps me on my toes. And I can go to the laundry now with the dogs with me. I have even left the house in order to get his needed veterinary care done. Thank goodness for that too he has a microchip.

So my baby is home and they have all pepped up. He was exhausted and still is sleeping an awful lot. It seems he was probably stressed over the whole ordeal. He probably cried all night. He is really bonded to our other dogs and he is treated like a child here. So he was probably very confused. I guess the take away from this whole experience is one keep your dogs where you can see them. But also as much as you might have going on in your own life, you don’t know what is going on in someone else’s life. Everyone works for what they have and your never entitled to what you see. The other revelation was how much my husband loved the dog. I had always thought he saw him as a problem. I guess it was his way to tease me about the dog. But when he was gone the truth came out. He loves the dog too.

For more information about microchips for dogs I’m including a link below.

It’s Microchip Your Pet Month: Here’s How and Why You Should Do It

According to statistics, one in three pets become lost at some point in their lives, and yours could very well be one of them. For us at the AKC, that’s more than enough reason to microchip your canine companion. But, how do dog microchips work?

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