If You Are Trying To Get Started Or Renew Your Routine These 5 Journal Prompts Will Get You Going

Challenge Yourself To Dig Deeper And Really Explore

This is the third edition of Journal prompts to renew your routine. If your like me your either in one of two catagories. One is you haven’t started or you have been journaling for so long your not getting the same reward from the routine. When I first considered journaling I fought against it. I didn’t see the benefit.

The Benefit Comes From Really Finding And Exploring Deeper Feelings

I think that to get started and really see the benefit you need to really give the prompts a chance. Most you can answer with out much thought. I challenge you to dig deep. That’s when you get the juices flowing. The same for those out there who have become numb to the routine. I ask you to dig a little deeper. Don’t let yourself miss out by writing without thinking.

I’m going to fill out the next five, and challenge you to come up with unique answers you haven’t used before.

What do you want to be complimented for? Give it to yourself.

I love to hear compliments. I think we all do. I make it a habit to compliment people all the time. I think it’s something we don’t do enough so I try to always find something I like about everybody I meet. For myself the comments that mean the most tend to have something to do with strength. I have a few in my mind that have stuck with me for years after they were given. Compliments can be very powerful.

My friend told me he admired how I handled a pretty demanding career and my children and always met the challenge. It always made me feel good to have been in the military and then as a contractor. My children are my purpose so to have someone say I was doing good on those fronts would really make my heart feel good.

What is a goal you want to achieve within next month? What’s your plan for it?

So I have a short term that will turn into a long term goal. I plan to move to Colorado. This month I have challenged myself to find a list of rentals and narrow the options down to apply. It’s a big undertaking with dogs. With this I’m also looking for employment options. Which all works into my long term goals of once again joining the outside world. Colorado has a lot of activities. Of course COVID has affected most, however in the long run I have hope that these will resume one day.

Describe yourself with one positive word. Why did you choose that?

Strong. It’s my favorite description. I believe that most of my life I exhibited this. I generally would be a problem solver. I prided myself in over coming the obstacles in life. I think I don’t feel it as much lately. The last few years have been difficult. I have let outside forces get my spirit down.

I’m ready to recognize that interference and work to be an example of strength I will feel. I plan to make changes in my life and conquer some goals. I have a determination to start doing things in my life. I believe my kids growing up kind of stumped me. They were my focus and purpose for so long, I wasn’t prepared to lose that. I was swaying in the wind there for awhile. I have been doing some soul searching and finding new focus and purpose. With that I’m realizing a new found motivation to make changes.

How did you overcome one of your greatest challenges in the past?

One of my biggest challenges in life was finding peace in my heart that was tied to my mother. After moving out of my home at 14. I struggled with memories of my mother. Later I adopted two of my siblings. It was during that time I had conversations with my mother. I like many wanted to know why. It’s in our nature I think to make sense of things in our lives.

Unfortunately we rarely get the answers that we look for. I did have a somewhat coherent conversation with my mom, she told me that she was sad we never had a good father. She described that she would see other father’s with their kids at times and was sad we would never have that.

I was disappointed that she never talked about her actions. I think now she was talking about herself also. I don’t think she could say directly but she knew we never had a good mom also. It was the best way she could say she was sad we didn’t have parents who cared for us. The fact she could say that she recognized other families she saw had better lives and that she was sad we didn’t have it was really the only time I saw a glimpse of humanity in her. I’ll never know what led to her being who she was, but at least knowing even for a few moments that she had realized she was not a good mother was really emotional for me. She had always been solely focused on herself that I often wondered if she even realized we her children had suffered.

What things that you do now will make your future self happy?

I think that making goals and realizing my weakness allow me to work on those aspects. I have always been so focused on doing and making things happen for my children that I rarely took time to work on myself. That problem with that was when the kids grew up and moved on with their lives I no longer had the same resolve to conquer the world. I lost the reason to most things. Why work on career goals when I wasn’t responsible for finances for my kids.

I really have had to rethink what I want and build new motivations. This can happen anytime there are big changes in life. A divorce can also cause a loss of direction. I think I pictured tomorrow and future that’s in only one term for so long that I had some trouble changing those future scenes with different aspects. I have had to envision different goals. And make those into scenarios I can see in my future. I think for me building a goal I can see myself in can be a really great motivator.

I hope some of these prompts and examples can help you renew your journal routine. If you have any prompts that have been especially powerful for you, I would love to hear about them.

If you have been looking for an online journal app, I have one I have been using for over a year. I’ll add the link below. It’s free and I found it on the play store. The link below will take you to the app on the play store. There is no affiliation or compensation from you using the link.

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