A Renewal of My Goals

Due to my desire to become a professional blogger, and to change my current hobby I have been looking at blogger tips and guides as well as getting some writing courses lined up. I don’t really agree with the majority of the information out there about blogging in reference to my vision. I am really grateful for my current opportunity to start this blog and to be able to do this full time. I am able to focus entirely on this process, with no distraction. The other benefit I have right now is there is no expectation or deadline I must meet. I am purely doing this as a way to explore my past and to maybe connect with others that may have some type of interest in what I am writing about. My needs are pretty simple currently, my kids are grown and with it my drive to maintain a demanding career. This means I am young enough to actually have a whole new career path for my future of my choosing and on my terms. I have always had children to care for, and I’m grateful for that. I come from a family situation that I grew up taking care of my siblings and then having children at an early age. This meant that every decision I previously made was determined by what would be best for my children and what would produce the most income in order to care for them the way I wanted to. I was fortunate enough in my life to have been successful and raising my children with everything they needed and wanted but also raising them to be able to care for themselves. So here I am in early retirement with no children left at home.

This has opened my life to literally any hobby I wanted. I looked at the things I had started doing to keep myself busy. First I started photoshopping pictures. This came from just coloring to learn to calm down after a long time of always being in a state of action. I had to learn to calm down and not be so aggressive. So the photoshopping really gave me a quite artistic outlet. Something I would never have made time for previously. But true to my nature I soon became overun with little pieces of selfie art. And I was still feeling like I needed focus and something to really learn more about who I was going to be for the second half of my life. So in that vein I picked up journaling. I began to write daily in a journal app. And after about a year’s time I was still writing in the journal daily. I found it met so many of my needs. I also had began to pair the journal entries with the selfie art. The finished product was something I really enjoyed creating. I started to wonder how I could make this into a career or job. And I found blogging. The issue or down side to blogging is that it is grossly over saturated. There are thousands of writer’s currently trying to do this in hopes of becoming rich overnight. This means there is an onslaught of bloggers pushing to get thier content in front of the readers out there. Which has resulted in the most financially successful bloggers are not writing for the pleasure of it but instead are creating formula and courses on ways to market to new bloggers. So the end result is bloggers catering to bloggers and pushing ways to build framework in order to monetize and make money from new bloggers. Some of these tacticts include telling new writers to find other writers to find a writer in thier interest and collect a catalogue of work. Then to take those pieces and rewrite them.Which really was against everything I am interested in doing. Instead of letting that get me down however it really just encouraged me. The reason that I actually felt relief was I now know there may be room for me in this career field. I plan to create original work and that it will be coming from my heart. I plan to write about my life experiences and perspective on everything. I do not think I’m unique in what I experienced but maybe my path through it will be different then what some people are familiar with. And once that is expressed maybe I will find a consistent following that will be intrigued by my style. Also I have no idea or expectation on making any compensation from this. This puts me in a really good place to write for the pleasure of it and I hope that is passed along in my posts. So I actually am really more excited by this then ever. I also am very happy in learning and implementing all of the tools and options available to bloggers. So I have decided that I am going to slow down and really do this my way. I like to try several options for everything before making my final decisions. I have always been this way. Once I’m interested in something I tend to jump in with both feet without looking first. I know that I have made the decision to do this but to also set my own bench marks on how I will feel successful and what success at this stage of my life will look. I know that I plan to grow this project and give it the time needed to really give myself every opportunity to make this a worthwhile project. I also know that if not even one person ever reads my work, I will have still created something that I will have for myself but also I can share with my children so they can know me on a different level.So here is to my renewed desire to keep going and working toward my goals.

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I am a full-time blogger writing about personal truama experienced throughout my life. My stories are real and raw in nature. Also discussing how truama has affected me in many ways. Specifically PTSD, anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. I am also veteran and have and do seek services through the veterans association.

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