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French Mastiff dogs are also known as Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiffs, or Bordeaux Bulldogs. Their history goes way back to ancient times. For that reason, it is hard to identify the exact origin. Some theories claim that this dog i,,1’#s an indigenous French breed that evolved over thousands of years ago.

It’s Possible Dogue de Bordeaux Were The Original Mastiff

Other sources claims that Neapolitan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff, and Greek mastiff are the ancestors of the French mastiff dogs.
In the first century b.c, Julius Ceaser introduced this dog’s ancestors to France. Romans used these Dogues as the war dogs and brutal combatants to battle other dogs and wild beasts in the arena.

A Smaller Version Once Existed Although It Seems Briefly

For centuries these Bordeaux mastiffs were in two sizes- the smaller ones and the larger ones. By the late 1700s, the smaller variety, also known as the Doguin, died from the historical records. The larger dogs are the current Dogue de Bordeaux.

Dogue de Bordeaux french mastiff dog emotional support buddy

Living The Good Life In France

By the late 1700s, the Dogue outlived its utility as a fighting dog. It received new usefulness as a hunting dog, drafters, and guarders. They guarded the nobility’s vast estates.

They lived a pampered life of the French aristocrats. But when these nobles fell out, the breed also did. They were slaughtered together with their masters, which led to near extinction. Only a few of these breeds survived.
Adolf Hitler tried to kill them to extinction. Their loyalty and devotion to their masters seemed like a threat to his ruling. Therefore, he gave a kill order for the dogs. Again, the breed faced their death penalty. But a handful that survived, provided a base for the preservation of the Mastiff breed.

Added To The AKC Roster

In the 1960s, the Dogue de Bordeaux breed was revitalized and gained popularity up to today. The Dogues belong to the AKC working group. By the end of 2019, there were approximately 2000 Dogue de Bordeaux enrolled with the AKC.

French mastiff emotional support buddy

What’s In A Name

Dogue de Bordeaux, another common name of the French Mastiff, was named at the 1863 dog show. Around that time there were no deeply established standards about dog breeds.
As fate would have it, the dog breed won the 1863 competition and earned its official name as Bordeaux’s working dog. That is why this canine breed is also often called by some people as the Bordeaux Bulldog.

Distinguishing Features Of The French Mastiff

Apollo baby french mastiff Dogue de Bardeaux

When comparing the head with the remaining body, it can be seen that the canine animal has a relatively imposing, more giant head. Apart from its massive head, the breed also sports a creased face and neck and has an enormous, majestic body and scary look.

Qualities of the Dogue de Bardeaux

Although the Dogue de Bordeaux has an imposing and frightening look, its woofing propensity is low. It is not an aggressive dog. The French Mastiffs do not bark without reason. If they woof most probably there is a danger looming or hear an intruder.
With their owners, the dog breed is always calm and affectionate and loves being in the presence of family members. You can expect the dog will want to share your bed and sofa.

Amazing Family Dogs The Dogue de Bardeaux Make

French Mastiffs are also excellent, gentle and loving with children.Then again when it comes to children and the elderly it is always advised that never leave any dog, particularly this enormous in their presence. Even a puppy when extremely excited can push a grownup to the ground.
For strangers though, the good qualities may not be immediately noticeable. In the presence of strangers the French Mastiffs may appear suitably quiet and calm while in reality they are always watchful and in search of any signs of danger to safeguard the owner, family and home.
Apollo baby french mastiff Dogue de Bardeaux

Docile Nature Of The French Mastiff

As the French Mastiff dogs are social they can co-exist not only with other dogs but also other pets such as cats. Certainly, for this canine breed to get along with other pets quickly it needs to be raised alongside them.
Training and Socialization
Just like with all or most dog breeds, the French mastiff dogs need to be subjected to timely training and socialization. That is vital in helping the dogs achieved the desired temperament and behavior within the home. Socialization and training must start when the dog is still young and easy to manage.
Training and socializing the dog breed is relatively simple and comfortable owing to its high intelligence. Still know in advance that the innate stubborn character may pose a challenge to training. For the right training approach necessary for attaining the best possible behavior, it should be kind and firm.

They Are The Jack Of All Trades In The Dog World

This dog breed was initially utilized in guarding, hunting, and wrestling against other dogs, wolves, and bears. At present, due to new programs of breeding, generally the aggressive nature of the dogs has been unstiffened. The dogs are easy-going, calm and loyal.

For Additional Information

4 Fun Facts About the Dogue de Bordeaux – American Kennel Club

W.C. Fields once said, “never work with animals or children,” the thought being they’d always steal the scene. As Tom Hanks may have found out in the movie Turner and Hooch, this is especially true if the dog is a huge 110+ pound Dogue De Bordeaux.

French Mastiff aka Dogue de Bordeaux | LoveToKnow

The French Mastiff dog may look like a menacing mass of wrinkles and drooling jowls, but there’s far more to this dog than meets the eye. In fact, owners describe these dogs as real sweethearts. That doesn’t mean they’re pushovers, though. French Mastiffs are extremely loyal to their people, and they’ll do their best to protect them from danger.

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