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  1. I have lived my whole life with emotions that usually didn’t fit the scenario. My coping skill was to assign the feeling to a memory. This was mostly disastrous in reality, although it took years to realize I was doing it. Personally when I get a thought in my head I have to say it. The negative thoughts where so counter productive to relationships. Come to find out it is a form of OCD. I’m usually very social but when faced with situations I couldn’t control (I’m a control freak) I shut down. That combined with ongoing chronic pain has led to a couple of years of agoraphobic behaviour. Currently I’m improving. Medication does help me.

  2. I was diagnosed with agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder which triggered episodes of psychosis. The best combination of strategies for managing it for me was graded exposure and leaving my instructive anxiety thoughts alone to run there course. Whenever I challenged my thoughts my anxiety would get worse until I had a psychotic episode and detached from reality, but when I left them unchallenged, the cycle of thoughts each anxiety episode would eventually stop and my anxiety would reduce, and after a while they became far easier to live with. Although it is psychologically painful to leave these thoughts to run their course, but the long term benefits are worth it as the thoughts lose power with each successful attempt of leaving them unchallenged. At least for me it did anyway

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