Your Trapped In Your Own Home, The prospects of walking out the door is just too much.


“There isn’t anything in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.”

This post will look at various aspects of the agoraphobia disorder as well as the anxiety disorder with focus on its various symptoms that are associated. The ratio of American citizens will also be looked at to clarify the prevelance it really has here. My interest in the subject stems from not only suffering from it, but also the disbelief by many that it is a recognized disorder. Honestly I truly understand that perspective. Until it happened to me I felt like it only happened in dramatic movies. I would be sitting in my seat yelling at the character to just walk out of the door. Not able to accept the concept that a mind could truly control a person in that way.
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Symptom’s of Agoraphobia The main symptoms that are associated with the disorder agoraphobia are mainly based on fears and can be related with issues like fearing leaving without any one, fear of crowds or public spaces like parking areas or shopping malls. The symptoms are also associated with fear of entering enclosed spaces like theatres and public transportation. These fears are mainly related with the element of not able to escape the area or find any help in case of any critical situation happening. The person suffering from the disorder start panicking in these situation and considered themselves as to be embarrassed or feel disable in such situations (Besteher,, 2018).

For me personally I was afraid if I left the house I would have an anxiety attack. There were very strong feelings of embarrassment attached to the idea of leaving. For me strong feelings can be processed in a way of connecting them with truama from my past. This leads to feelings and memories mixing, resulting in a level of emotion closely matching if the situation was actually happening. Going near places that I have had incidents occur also trigger this. I think this compounded my reluctance to leave my home. I would make plans to leave and as 5he time to go got closer I would begin to o panic. The strange part is if I was able to get out of the house the the feelings would decrease almost instantly after getting out of the door. I believe this may be different then in other cases.

Treatment of Agoraphobia The treatment of the agoraphobia is based on taking a systematic approach which is mainly related with the panic aspect. The treatment is mainly based in analysing the condition that can help in determining the techniques to relives the symptoms which are mainly based on the factor for changing the lifestyle of the person. The treatment is also determined on the basis of self-help technique by considering the treatment that is provided under the context of self help programs. In extreme cases when the person feels high levels of fear or panic attached to leaving their chosen safe place intensive treatment plans are determined which can be based on various therapies i.e. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy commonly known as CBT, Applied relaxation and medication that are mainly related with anxiety disorder (Bethencourt,, 2015).

What this boils down to is many cases are self diagnosed. Reason being the person won’t leave their home to seek traditional help. What therapist due in many cases that are able to seek help is to find the core problem which is often times a fear of something. If it is a fear they will work on that, usually with exposure. In other cases it may be depression, bi-polar disorder, or any other of mental disorders out there which normally require medication. This results in the understanding that agoraphobia is usually the result of something else going on which results in this.

Region of USA The ratio of people suffering from anxiety disorder in the region of US is around 7% while for the disorder of agoraphobia it is less than 2% for people that have been diagnosed with the problem of agoraphobia (Gloster,, 2015).

That statistic may seem small. However when we think of the overall population you can imagine there are many people who are trapped by their minds in some way that hinders them from moving around or traveling as they wish to.

Causes of Agoraphobia The main cause of the anxiety associated with the disorder of the agoraphobia is the feeling of fear that causes a person to panic from the thinking of not escaping or get help in certain situations. This causes them to panic and also increases their fear factor that leads them to avoid situation or going to open or close public spaces (Meyerbröker,, 2015). Association with Veteran Military Family Member Family members of veteran military members are found to be more likely to suffer from other disorders lime Post Traumatic syndrome disorder which is also a type of mental disorder which causes them to panic. This does leave them open to experience agoraphobia more often then the general public. I also suffer from PTSD. Which did have a contributing factor to my issues with agoraphobia. PTSD causes panic fear and paranoia which all fit into the trifecta of agoraphobia known contributors. (Easom,, 2018).

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What Do You Know About Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is characterized by an intense feeling of fear in public places, where people are gathering, or even in enclosed spaces that seem to be overcrowded. While the condition is not logical, anyone who suffers from this condition cannot use logic to make their anxiety stop.

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8 thoughts on “When Your Mind Won’t Let You Leave”

  1. It must be really hard for people with agoraphobia. I remember watching the movie Dear John and maybe one of the characters there displayed this condition.

    1. I think that if it wasn’t for movies most people wouldn’t know about it at all. I think most people really can’t fathom the reality of someone’s brain convincing them they can’t leave. In my case I literally wouldn’t even go out the door to go to my laundry room that is accessed outside of the house. The person who really suffered was my husband though. I still have difficulty but am doing much better then that point.

  2. I have watched many movies where the characters also has the same symptoms but I don’t know if it called agoraphobia. Thanks for this post! So helpful.

  3. Diffusing the Tension

    I dealt with this a couple years ago when I was having issues with my medication. It was so debilitating!

    1. Medication can be difficult to get right, but can be really helpful. Medication for OCD has really made life so much more enjoyable for me this last year.

    1. I think it needs to be talked about for sure. People suffering from this symptom I think is under reported due to the nature of the problems. For me specifically it was very difficult to seek help due to my inability to seek help. To make matters worse finding a professional that is willing to schedule a patient that doesn’t show up more often then not. I also think online support help should be more widely advertised.

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