The Times Keeping Changing

It’s crazy how things can come into preference and then change to something new. It often makes me think, what about the things you can’t change?

Back in the nineties women where slim and fit on television. There was a definite look that went with that decade. Now here we are and large butts are celebrated. This particular trend has swung in my favor. For a white woman I do have a large round butt. And for all of my younger years I did not fit the ideal cookie cutter shape.

It does cross my mind though how this and other trends affect other people. In extreme cases women feel that they must change their bodies to meet societies expectation. So now we see women in entertainment that are altering their bodies. Butt enhancement surgery has become almost common.

With women making very risky decisions in order to force their bodies to conform. Another trend that thankfully has been positive for me, when I was younger in fact very young I have always preferred women rather then men. It never occured to me to analyze my preference or to label it. It was just something that was.

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I would hold hands with my girl friends and lay in their laps during recess. None of the girls ever communicated to me they where uncomfortable. I think they saw it as just a quirk I had. But then their where sleepovers. I would always engage in sexual exploration. I think in today’s standards this would be frowned upon, in extreme cases even be considered inappropriate touch.

To me it was inocent exploration. It does occur to me that this may have been a normal curiousity that is only meant to be a way to answer the burning questions of the very young. I do have friendships that have stood the test of time. One friend in particular was a friend I have had in my life for as long as I remember. From as early as before kindergarten we had engaged in exploration of each other and the imitation of actions we had seen.

We kissed and humped as we called it. I have talked with her as adults to see how this may have affected her as an adult. She harbors no resentment and we are still very good friends to this day. When I look back at these times I actually miss what I considered attention and genuine caring for each other.

I am also very aware of the struggle that a bisexual female experienced back in those times. They where times when these women where labeled gay or dyke and seen as a woman who has sex with anyone. It has always baffled me that a bisexual women no matter her actions must have loose morals.

I can only speak for myself but it cannot be further from the truth. I am extremely picky about who I get very emotionally attached to. This also results in the ability to be committed in a relationship when I decide to be committed, male or female then I am. It has also over time allowed me to be very open and express my feelings and preferences with my

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