Body Positivity Creates a Happier Life

By Change of Tomorrow
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With ultra standards being set by celebs and hollywood personalities, from Kylie Jenner to Jennifer Lopez, our society finds itself in a false perception of what a body should look like. We all want to look like those fit and fab girls who can rock any dress and steal any show they want.

Unattainable Standards

What we often forget is these sky-high standards are not made for everyone and certainly not made for a working class woman with 2 kids and a mortgage. We all should be aware of the fact that what looks good on the screen is made for the very sole purpose – to look good on the screen. For just one image these celebrities and personalities have to go through hours of make-up, cuts, edits in Photoshop and what not. Not to mention the most important fact – surgery. Majority of them have to go under the knife to get a body and figure they want. This is definitely not possible for someone whose main aim is to get their kids through college and pay off all their debts.
No matter what age you are and how you look, having a positive image of your body is really important. Our body is natural, and similar to just about anything that’s natural, it decays. We have dead cells, scars, stretch marks, fats, rolls, acnes and an aging skin. That is natural. We need to accept it. Moreover, the society needs to accept it. And it starts with us. We are the society. We need to focus and promote body positivity and let go of the standards that describe a woman in ratios and proportions in order for them to deem fit and beautiful.

Believe In Yourself

This is especially important when considering how prevalent body/fat shaming is. It’s largely based on the fact that corporations and media houses promote only a single type of body as natural and beautiful, which certainly is not the case.
Due to so much pressure, we often fall for the illusion that a beautiful body is. This is leading to a lot of people going for the unachievable and finding themselves in an endless pit of disappointment. This in turn induces stress and anxiety, which they then try to eliminate with food, which leads to an unhealthy body and the cycle keeps on continuing. Having an unhealthy and unrealistic perception of what a body should look like, will not only keep you up at night, but also have your loved ones feel the pain and disappointment that will emit from you.
Instead we all should learn to adapt and learn to appreciate our body, and the marks and rolls and fat that we get over time due to aging. That doesn’t mean we should be unhealthy. One should always strive to keep their body healthy and fit. Not only it increases our happiness, it also induces confidence and positivity in our life. A routine of healthy food, some exercise and good sleep can work wonders and can keep you looking young and fresh.
Never forget that the standards of our society and what it perceives “beautiful” keeps changing over time. As such, there should not be one single mould to test every person out there. We all are beautiful in our own ways.
Every body is beautiful.

Body Image in America: Survey Results

For the past three decades, women and, increasingly, men have been preoccupied with how they look. But the intense scrutiny hasn’t necessarily helped us see ourselves any more clearly. While as individuals we are growing heavier, our body preferences are growing thinner. And thinness is depicted everywhere as crucial to personal happiness.

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