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Salt floating is not just an exciting therapeutic adventure. Its benefits are many, including better sleep, clearer mind, mental sharpness, and relaxation. You don’t have to take my word for it; you can dive in to have firsthand experience

French Mastiff started out as the protectors of royalty. During medieval wars they must have been very formidable.

It was a normal meeting. Normal marriage. It stayed that way until it wasn’t anymore

If you have not read the book 1984, you really should. I feel like the way our country is behaving really is comparable to the ideas in that book.

A subject close to my heart. I personally struggle with this disorder. The reality is becoming isolated, when what you want most is companionship with your friends and family. You lose the connections, which only work to further cement this condition.

This poem really spoke to me in the movie with Johnny Depp who played the wolf. Please leave your thoughts.

Depression brings a persistent feeling of sadness. A depressed person loses interest in everything with mood fluctuations, unlike people regularly experience in life. It is mostly a result of significant life events such as bereavement or loss of a job, and the feeling can last anything from a few weeks to a few years.

Who is Eligible To Apply?
To be eligible for veterans’ disability benefits, you should be a U.S military service veteran, an individual whose discharge is impending between 60 and 180 days.

When on a mission, the nervous system will automatically get awoken to survive. After the danger passes, the nervous system adjusts the body to a normal state. However, if the trigger is catastrophic, the militant remains in the “shock” state. If not addressed, the condition can lead to depression.

I felt like I missed something, if only we talk about it one more time I will find the key. One I had my key I would be free. I would become desperate to make it stop. The torture I would inflict on the one’s I love.