I Think I Have A Problem

The following pictures that have been altered are from roughly seven months after the first creation. By this point I had fully saturated all of my friends with a flood of posts on Facebook, which at the time was my only social outlet that I would upload anything to. A few people had begun to turn off notifications and I imagine I was pretty annoying by that point. I had also filled my phone storage without realizing it until I just couldn’t open anything any longer. I moved to cloud storage and tried to slow the flow by starting to journal on a daily basis. I’m not entirely sure why I feel the need to save both my journals and my art, but I assume it is probably linked to my OCD. So now I was both creating art pieces and writing in about five different journals every day. There was another aspect of my life that was also occuring, as fast as I was figuring out one problem it seemed another was created. I began to have more severe panic attacks and had started fainting at random times among other things. Due to all of these issues I was experiencing, it became increasingly harder to work in a way that was beneficial to my employer. It came to a point that I had to make a decision, and I chose to retire early. I still needed to keep busy and I looked at what I was already doing. Between the selfie art and journaling I decided on full time blogger. So that’s the shortened version of how this all started. I’m very happy now and most of my issues are controlled. My relationship with my husband has gotten much better for a lot of reasons. It seems that what I’m doing is resonating with other people also because my views have steadily increased since starting this last year. The majority of the comments I receive are very supportive. I just want to let everyone who has reached out to me with positive feedback these past months know it means the world to me.


Neecee B

I am a full-time blogger writing about personal truama experienced throughout my life. My stories are real and raw in nature. Also discussing how truama has affected me in many ways. Specifically PTSD, anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. I am also veteran and have and do seek services through the veterans association.

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