Many May Be Paying A High Price Right Now

June 2020

There is a lot going on in the world right now. We still have a Simpson’s cartoon punch line for a president. The country is still experiencing quarantine from a virus, which has also led to record-breaking unemployment.

What June Has Brought Us

To start June off we have riots in many places throughout the country. It is an understatement to say this year has been a hot mess. I do not feel like I’m informed enough to write about any of the above-mentioned incidents. There are many articles and videos circulating right now.

Dogs Running Free

I do want to bring up one aspect though that many may not be thinking about. There are a ton of dogs running wild right now. If your area is anything like mine it was like a war zone last night. I could hear the gunfire as rubber bullets where fired. Many buildings within a block of me were set on fire. There is a curfew in place now.

Watching Riot Videos

As I watched the videos of everything last night, I noticed in many you will see dogs running loose. I also started getting notifications throughout the night from neighborhood groups. Dogs are going missing. Dogs left alone in yards during riots are going to get anxious. This leads to dog escapes.

Gun Fire

Just like the fourth of July, these noises scare dogs. Early this morning when I was out with my dogs there where dogs out in the streets. The ones I could see had collars. Please be mindful that if your in these areas with activity to bring your dogs in. If you are out and see a free-running dog, be cautious trying to catch them. Dogs who are not used to be out free are confused and may act differently out of fear.

Use The Neighborhood Online Groups

Update your neighborhood groups where you saw the dog. The family is probably hoping for a sighting. I know this is a minor issue in the larger scheme of things, but once the fever of the moment passes we will need to clean up the damage.
It isn’t the dog’s fault they got scared. They are probably not normally aggressive. Just be mindful they are someone’s loved, family member.

For more information about the steps to take when your pet is missing please use the link above. You May also enjoy articles about my dog Apollo if you enjoyed this one. You can find Apollo’s information in the catagories below.

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