Sometimes The Truth Hurts

Trip Down Memory Lane

Memories have been something I have been wading through the last few months. The memories I have from my childhood are rarely good. But I have wonderful memories of my children. My daughter is often the source of the memories in which there was a mix up. One story I love to tell about her is when we had a mixup with the neighbor.

There Is Always One In The Bunch

I have seven children total but this particular daughter although extremely smart has always been very naive. I never figured how she managed that coming from our household where I was really Frank about everything and joked about everything. No subject was really off limits in our household. I was however very strict with my children. I knew first hand about the worst that humans are capable of.

My Children May Have Been A Little Sheltered

So there where very few sleepovers in my children’s lives and they were not allowed to use public bathrooms without going in at least pairs. And a common rule most people have is they are not to accept rides from people I haven’t specifically arranged. So we lived in a rural area where our property of five acres was a smaller property on our street.

There is Always That One Neighbor

We had some neighbors that had moved in about ten acres away. The father would drive his kids to the he nearby school many of the days due to the kids bus stop being so far away from his home. On the other hand the bus stop for my children was at the end of our driveway. I had set up benches for my kids and I had a perfect view of it from our house, and when I wasn’t home the nanny would often times sit with the kids until picked up.

Never Accept A Ride From A Stranger

On one occasion the neighbor stopped and asked the kids if they wanted a ride. They explained the rule but he continued to stop and ask when they where alone. My daughter being curious, wanted to know why the rule was the rule. I explained we don’t know them and just like sleepovers and everything else if I don’t know them, who knows what they could be into. They could be drug dealers for all I know.

Kids Question Everything

So I guess this neighbors kids asked her why she never came over to play or rode with them to school, she told them the rule and figured it was over. So that afternoon I get knocking on my door, and I find the neighbor at my door.

At My Door

He tells me he’s there because of what my daughter told his daughter. So I’m curious and ask him what was said. He said that she told his daughter she can’t come over because he might be a drug dealer. So I laugh and explain that I told her we didn’t know who anyone is behind closed doors and it’s a common statement to say they could be child molesters or drug dealers.

Perfectly Good Explanation

I think that is going to be the end and he would probably just laugh it off with me. Much to my surprise however when he looks madder then ever and says he deals drugs and doesn’t need his business spread all over town. Honestly the whole situation was so absurd I couldn’t help but laugh. He seemed to realize I wasn’t going to take him seriously, I’m still not completely sure if he was trying to come off tough with me but I just couldn’t take anything seriously after that.

The Joke Is On Me

I still don’t think my daughter really understood what a drug dealer was for many years after that but the other kids fund it as hilarious as I did. She would hate when I would tell that story. There was another saying she didn’t get for a very long time to but she would try and use it.

English Is Hard

She was referring to one of her brothers and was telling me about something she thought was dumb he had done. To really illustrate her point she tells me, “he isn’t the sharpest kid in the tool shed”. We still ask her to this day why she keeps her kids in the tool shed. She has gotten much quicker with witty comebacks and fast story telling.

They Survived Their Childhood

She was not stunted for all the sarcastic jokes she was exposed to at an early age. She is used to my brand of entertainment at this point and has turned into my literal carbon copy. At times I believe we have an extra psychic link. It will happen often times when we talk on the phone and we realize we where both thinking about the same thing prior to talking.

An Afterthought

I just have my daughter on my mind lately with the increased awareness of the virus and how it is spreading so quickly. With her being a nurse of course I have concerns for her. Hope everyone is staying healthy and staying home as much as possible.

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