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Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down

In the 1960s, the Dogue de Bordeaux breed was revitalized and gained popularity up to today. Due to some twists in the plot of the French Mastiff’s story, we have them around today.

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Depression Is The Waking Nightmare

Depression brings a persistent feeling of sadness. A depressed person loses interest in everything with mood fluctuations, unlike people regularly experience in life. It is mostly a result of significant life events such as bereavement or loss of a job, and the feeling can last anything from a few weeks to a few years.

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PTSD Controls My Life

When on a mission, the nervous system will automatically get awoken to survive. After the danger passes, the nervous system adjusts the body to a normal state. However, if the trigger is catastrophic, the militant remains in the “shock” state. If not addressed, the condition can lead to depression.

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We All Should Be Invested In Today’s Struggles

The result is a largely traumatized group of people who have become above the law and with symptoms of or like PTSD still working with the public. In my opinion, the fastest way to make this stop immediately would be to bring the military in and either just take over police duties completely or work with the police.

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I’m Coming Out!

This post brought up some feelings in my heart. I have been someone who has come up short as a friend, parent, and spouse. I have a long history with mental health and managing despite my challenges. I truly believe that the people who care about me are the ones that are really challenged by my particular combination of issues. I really feel like when I come across pieces that I can relate to it reminds me to not take them for granted. I also appreciate the blogging community for allowing these glimpses into their minds. knowing that there are other people with challenges reminds me I’m not alone. I appreciate that when I requested to share Abbey’s post here that she was kind enough to grant that request. I love how supportive everyone has been since I started blogging. Please follow the link to her site and show some love for her.

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