The Children Are To Be Protected.

I really was moved by the post I have attached below. As a small child I only managed to tell a few people about the treatment in my home. Back in those days though child protective services where reluctant to step in unless the situation was near death. Of course I never have told anyone all of the details. I was shamed and ignored too many times growing up. I was conditioned to keep the worst to myself. Even now with my parents passed away I feel dread at the thought of voicing some things. But what was the worst was my mother allowed things to happen to me and in some cases suggested them. I feel like my mother never liked me very much. I was very opinionated and strong from a very young age. I believe my mother was envious of me and she saw me as a threat rather then a child to protect. The sadder aspect was I knew this at a very young age. I saw her as someone I had to take care of, and I was never happy with this duty. I questioned in my young mind why no one in my family from either side ever helping us. So this post really spoke to me.


Neecee B

I am a full-time blogger writing about personal truama experienced throughout my life. My stories are real and raw in nature. Also discussing how truama has affected me in many ways. Specifically PTSD, anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. I am also veteran and have and do seek services through the veterans association.

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