Questions About PTSD And VA Disabilty Rating System

Are You Considering Your Options In Filing A Claim

What percentage does a veteran get for PTSD?

The percentage is different for each veteran. The veteran has to be evaluated by a VA psychologist. After evaluation then the doctor’s notes of your evaluation go to a rating and evaluation person at Compensation and Pension (C&P) office. From there a determination on the percentage is made. They will send you written notification via mail. If you are not happy with the percentage then you can appeal. This is why having a record of care received prior to applying is very well documented. This is how you are showing the easy it has changed your life.

Alternative To An Appeal, Have Your Application Submitted As A Modification

I found it more effective to wait approximately 6 months. During that time I went to treatment with a therapist and psychologist. That time they were able to document my condition. When I filed the second time I also visited a therapist I was assigned. Once this new information was considered my rating was adjusted. This is why I advocate for all former military members to keep the ebenefits site updated. It is in your best I interest to be prepared if you do need the services at some point in your life

The Process Had Been Improved Over The Years

There was a time when filing a claim would take years to be processed. It’s not the case any longer. Due to online options and easy to use processes it is a much smoother process. The key to thoroughly fill out the forms. Provide all supporting documents and have complete contact information for your care providers. If it is possible to get care through the VA Medical System it will help your application also. An example of the length of processing from a veteran’s story shared with me.

Personal Experience From Veteran

As he described, When I first submitted a claim in 2004 it took about three months and all my injuries came back as 0% but all service-connected. So I had to submit an appeal and it took almost two years for them to finally give me more than 0% on any of my claims. They all totaled up to 60% for about 15 different injuries.

In 2015 at the insistence of my VA Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) doctors, I resubmitted for another appeal based on their new notes and it finally went to 100%. The percentage scheme/formula that VA uses is very complicated and using their formula 10%+10% does not equal 20%. Before I put in for another evaluation in 2015 all my disabilities added up to over 220% but with their formula, it was only 60%. The new notes from the TBI doctors gave it justification for 100%.

Better Understanding Of Mental Conditions Such As PTSD

Over time the VA has improved positively in favor of veterans in reference to updated information concerning conditions. My personal experience specifically with PTSD has been very positive. The rating has been adjusted to take into consideration the impact it truly takes on a veteran and the family. I have been given very thorough care and support.

Assistance In Filing Your Claim And A Personal Experience

My recommendation is to use one of the Veteran’s Service Organizations like DAV, VFW, American Legion, or the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I used DAV the first time that gave me the 0% rating in 2004. I did my own appeal in 2004 and that took the two years. In 2015 I used the American Legion and it took two months. So for me, the American Legion worked the best but the choice is yours. I want to also point out there are many lawyers and services now seeking veterans in order to sign them to agreements for compensation. They are charging our veterans to file for them, knowing this is a service offered for no cost. It may sound tempting but there is no reason to pay someone when the free options are as effective and on many occasions more effective.

Provided below are sites you should become familiar with. Information is provided for benefits available to I individuals who have previously served in the military. Your discharge status is a deciding factor in many services offered. Check that yours is documented correctly.

Home – VA/DoD eBenefits

Content starts here. Learn About Benefits & Services Do you have disabilities resulting from a disease or injury related to your military service? You may be eligible for monthly benefits, no matter when or where you served. Learn More Learn More About Compensation Benefits We help Service members, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners.

Home – My HealtheVet

General Effective March 23rd, Veterans will be temporarily unable to self-schedule VA appointments or request community care appointments through VA Online Scheduling in order to avoid non-critical, in-person appointments. General Effective March 23rd, Veterans will be temporarily unable to self-schedule VA appointments or request community care appointments through VA Online Scheduling in order to stop the spread of illness and avoid non-critical, in-person appointments.

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