Social Media Is Blowing Up

I have such strong feelings about seeing others hurt. Social media has become very difficult for me recently. I usually spend a lot of time each day promoting through social media. Considering everything that is going on in this world I must very careful. I limit my social media

Social Media

I do want to stay informed, I just don’t find social media to be the most reliable source of information. It’s often inflammatory on subjects. Articles are rarely fact checked prior to post. It continues to surprise me how it spreads. I have watched these police brutality events happen in the past. It has happened to all colors, ages, and genders. It never seems to stop.

Its On Repeat

I always believe it will be the last time. ere we are in the middle of our country in upheaval. Violence from someone in power against a person who has been subdued is just horrendous. I don’t think this issue is about one color or one or two types of people. There are several aspects of this problem at fault for what is happening. Police officers have a history of corrupt and morally questionable behavior throughout the life of our country.

The Few Are Ruining It

However, these are the actions of a small percentage of the larger group. Not all police officers are bad by any means. It only takes one bad action to ruin your life though. It doesn’t matter if out of one hundred individuals, only one is bad. That one badly behaved individual can destroy your life by hurting you or a loved one. Truly I can’t fathom why it has taken so long to get to this point. I can’t believe this problem is difficult to solve. All humans should treat all other humans with decency. It should not have to be something that we have to force people to do. We should have situations in place and support for processes that make it easier to do the right thing. The problems that I have witnessed, start with the desensitized behavior of police officers.

Policed By PTSD Individuals

The police are exposed to traumatic experiences regularly. They witness the re worst in humanity, and it takes a toll on their ability to separate one incident or one person from another. All situations for these men and women become a situation of us against them. I believe they begin to see every behavior as a threat against them personally. These are signs of PTSD. I am personally very familiar with this particular disorder. I have served in the military and worked for the military for most of my adult life. Which brings me to another aspect of this problem. We have another group of people who experience traumatic events that alter their perception of the world as a whole.

The Better Option

Why can’t the police and military be handled the same? The difficulties of each group can be comparable. However in almost all ways handled differently. The difference between these two groups can come down to the organizations behind each one. It is my belief that in almost every aspect the military are superior. The support and understanding of the needs and limitations of soldiers is leaps and bounds better.


If the disaster is large enough, the military will be activated.. Police are given a job location for the day. The soldiers will be issued orders to stand duty. Right from the start, it looks very different for these two individuals. Wording is very important here. The police officer has a choice. Each day he decides about keeping his job. He can walk away from his job at any time. The soldieiers are held to a different standard. If they do not arrive to duty, or abandon a pos they will be counted as AWOL. AWOL is desertion from the armed forces. It is a very serious crime and depending on the situation under which it is done can result in jail time. And that’s not all folks. They won’t be tried in the same court as the police officer.

Be Accountable

The court process for the military can be very strict. The sentence that results from a military court is also not the same as a jail for a civilian. They are not reduced for good behavior etc. as a civilian may be allowed to shorten the time in the prison. On the other side of this situation is a police officer who under similar circumstances would be allowed to go home and no further action taken. I think this is very important for people to understand right now. We have very angry citizens who are rightfully outraged by incidents that have happened recently and in the past. I think there should be a clear distinction, between who it is the people are mad at. The police have done these things against people who have not been fairly judged in court.

The Military Protects

The military is sent to keep both sides safe. Now when the police officer goes to stand charges for what may be labeled as an excessive force they are going to be in courts with people they know. They have had interactions with the officers and legal teams. It is human nature that they will be looked on differently by their peers than an average person showing up for court. That is one flaw in this system. Allowing a police officer with more than one incident proven to be excessive should no longer be in a situation to do it again. The job is too important and too dangerous to continue to allow this to happen time after time.

Blm black lives matter opinion of mental health blogger

Change Is Needed

There is also another aspect of police service that desperately needs to be changed, and that the union type situation for police officers. If you have ever known someone who works for a union you may be familiar with the atmosphere it creates. Workers can and do break rules several times and because of the union, they continue to stay employed. This creates a terrible mix of conditions in which police officers are not reprimanded correctly for their behavior. Adding to it is the near-impossible situation of firing them.


The result is a largely traumatized group of people who have become above the law and with symptoms of or like PTSD still working with the public. In my opinion, the fastest way to make this stop immediately would be to bring the military in and either just take over police duties completely or work with the police. That solution will never happen, however. It is possible that over time the police departments could be converted to be run more in line with the way the military is. I believe if this was done the situation overtime could be corrected.

Talk To Your Children

I would also like to take just a second to also just ask that every parent take time to talk with their children about current events. There is so much misinformation being put out through so many channels. Our children believe that social media is the encyclopedia of our time. The sad truth however is that there is more purposefully incorrect information being passed around then correct information. Take the time to talk to your children. Please don’t believe everything you see on the internet, and check the facts before allowing our next generation to continue the problems 9f today. Take the time to explain to the young people you may have in your life that all lives matter.

Fair Treatment For All

Problems can never be corrected if they are not reported. I believe that we have to retrain ourselves to remove the blinders we have all placed over our eyes in the name of comfort. As a whole we have become a society that can’t be bothered or made uncomfortable. No longer can we walk by and assume someone else will take care of the situation. We would all be in a safer society if we treated the events that take place as if they happened to our own family. If we don’t report it we are part of the problem. When we see it, next time it may be our family that is being treated unfairly. Society as a whole needs to work on our empathy skills. By doing that I truly believe we could make some very meaningful change.

screaming and spitting on our soldiers. When I watch protestors abuse our military my heart bleeds. These are not the people who have hurt you. I believe that what happened was deplorable. No man or woman should die with someone else crushing them.

Protestors Want Change

I believe the protestors want change. No one should be fearful of the police. But the reality is, men and women of color are not treated fairly by our justice system in this country. It starts with the police who brutalize people before they have been convicted of a crime. It doesn’t stop there, the courts are biased in dispensing justice. The prisons are full of people who are serving sentences that are out of porportion to their light skinned cell mates.

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The System Is Corrupt

The system is wrong and it hasn’t been changed. I agree that waiting for it to be changed isn’t enough any more. What is wrong though is to treat a person in uniform like a police officer. They do not represent them and do not have a voice in this. Soldiers are governed by a different set of rules.

They Have A Duty

They must do their duty or be counted AWOL. Deserting your post is a serious charge. Police make a choice to go to work. They can leave their job at any time. A soldier must stand their duty. They are people like you and me. Many of them wish they could stand with you, not against you.

Some Soldiers Wish They Could Protest Too

My daughter is waiting now to be told to show up for duty. Every disaster and situation she is called to serve. If it’s a natural disaster she goes. She was on the front lines during the medical testing during quarantine. I have never heard her complain. But today she told me, ” I don’t want to go, I don’t want anyone to think I’m against them. I would protest myself.” My heart is aching. The soldiers didn’t do this.

I Support BLM

Discrimination: Black Lives Matter

Due to the current protests going on in America, the and other countries in solidarity, over yet another example of police brutality and institutional racism towards the black community, I thought I’d write a post about discrimination. That’s because discrimination is as much a societal, political, and legal problem as it is a mental health and health problem.

No one should be brutalized in the street by someone who is serving the community. If you witness someone being treated incorrectly say something. If left reported, you are part of the problem.

I am going to add some links to interesting articles about the current problem. Although I have yet to find anyone that shares my opinions, these are interesting nonetheless.

As demand for police reform grows, military equipment program faces new scrutiny

Cell phone videos from protests around the country in recent weeks have recorded scenes that seem like they’re straight out of a warzone: Police officers decked out in body armor and gas masks, facing down protesters across tear gas-filled streets.

Can The President Really Order Troops Into US Cities? – Texas A&M Today

Speaking from the Rose Garden Monday evening, President Donald Trump suggested that he would deploy the U.S. armed forces to bring to heel the states and cities where he views governors have responded inadequately to the widespread protests in response to the death of George Floyd.

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