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My Agoraphobia was getting the better of me for sure today. I needed to put forth some effort in order to break the habit before it got away from me again. Since it was her birthday I made the extra effort to go out. It was well worth it, I’m Feeling fancy with my nails done. I feel great that I accomplished something also. I tell you all this in order to show that my life these days is pretty predictable.

Seemed No Different

Today seemed no different it was flowing like every other day.
I went with my husband to the barbershop which black barber shops are awesome I highly recommend everyone go at least once in their life. It is a hot bed of conversation ranging from politics to what is for sale by the local hustlers. Talked with a friend who I try to touch bases with pretty often. I will get to that another day because he is a deep well of interesting stories. I really just wanted to give you a glimpse into what my life is.

Day In Day Out

Each day is usually very much like the one before. And it was when I was just going about my day that I was surprised. A pretty sharp turn into the depths of social media debauchery happened. I was going through the few messages I had on social media platforms, you know the snaps and tweets. Although I have some followers I really don’t get very many messages. It doesn’t usually require much more then a few minutes to tell a few people hello.

An Offer Made

Today was a little different though. I came across an offer from what seems to be a very nice lady. I am certain, although I have no way to know the true gender or much of anything about this person. .I come to that conclusion of this because she offered to make me her sugar baby.

Misguided Or Kind

The reason this is interesting and especially kind is that I’m XX years old. I am no spring chicken (old saying for you young folks out there that means I’m old and tough) So I figured this was meant in some way to make me feel good. Which it did. Unlike many females I love a compliment and it will forever endear said person a spot in my heart.

Mistaken Indentity

To make sure the message was intended for me I did want to clarify. So I informed her that I was probably a little old for this particular position and asked if this was really intended for me. She replied immediately which for some reason instantly added a few points of credibility. They responded saying, yes I was the one and that she wanted to know my age. Now I really never tell anyone my true age and honestly I have lied about it so much I usually don’t know myself.

All dolled up neecee b selfie art

My Age

To further illustrate this particular point every social outlet I have, tells a different age for me. This is mostly due to how good I was feeling the day I created the account. But I think I was going for the shock value at this point. Sure I was older then this person I was confident in my response. So much to my surprise I actually did reveal my age.

Continued To Surprise

I was expecting to never hear back from this person. I figured they would go find their glasses and take a better look at my pictures and realize the silly mistake they had made. The person on the other side was unphased. Replying that really there was no age requirement and they just needed someone to spoil. You know in that moment I really didn’t care if it was a socially inept man in his mother’s basement or not I was touched. The desire to break the age barrier and offer up the position to anyone. The fair treatment to the elderly would have been impressed by the lack of age discrimination this highly enlightened soul had exhibited.

Remained Persistent

The messages were still insistent that from across the country she wanted to spoil me. So you can understand all the thoughts going through my mind, I’m usually the dominate one in the situation. I prefer women younger then myself. So I was really conflicted at that point.

I was Intrigued

You know what I was intrigued though. At this point I Don’t know what exactly she is interested in, but I did find the whole exchange of messages to be very flattering. And hey, maybe I was going to be offered something I couldn’t say no to. So I asked what this was going to entail. The answer was they wanted someone available to them via chat and to make them feel basically that they where the center of the universe.

Why Don’t I Have One

You know what, who wouldn’t want that? I mean the gears in my brain where for sure turning. I was well on my way to figuring out how I could get me a sugar baby. This sounded great from their perspective. I was however curious what I as the sugar baby would be getting out of this arrangement. I was not disappointed.

The Compensation

they where happy to divulge the details of the compensation. I was offered 200 usd per week, to make this individual feel needed it seemed.
Although that ended my interest in being a sugar baby, I was silently doing the math in my mind of how many sugar babies I could afford. Was wondering if there was like an online store where I could pick up a few before the week was over.

The Going Rate

I truly do not know the going rate for this type of arrangement, but I was pretty sure I was low balled. Did let them know that at that rate I was sure to be considered from the bargain bin. the selection of all sugar baby candidates I was last picked. Of course I’m sure my advanced age was probably somehow playing against me as far as compensation was concerned. But I still somehow felt my time and effort would not be fairly compensated by this offer.

It Was Over

The dialogue pretty much ended at that point. I’m sure my response was probably not out of any sugar baby play book. If there is such a document out there. I also had to reassure my bruised ego that Of course they had no idea I have had a career and done pretty well for myself. Or that I had a much younger husband who’s sole expense is pretty much me. So I couldn’t blame them for the sum they offered.

I Have Questions

As I think back on it considering that the benefactor of a sugar baby is generally older then the sugar baby, they could have been balling on a budget and we all know social security retirement is not very lucrative. by my math they had to be like a hundred years old. I am still going to take it as a win that they even offered me this deal.

It never Stops

Then the second surprise of the day occurred, I was again offered a position to be a sugar baby. Was I posted on some sugar baby bulletin board in the dark web? How was I getting two offers in one day.

Nigerian Prince

This person however was located in Nigeria. The expectations they laid out where far less demanding. They only asked for a few things from me. the most important one was to just run a few errands. I was wondering what I could possibly do for someone in Nigeria, but I was sure it was going to include running some checks by my bank. Probably because they as a dethroned prince weren’t able to access his money in his country. I figured he would be happy to compensate me for just running a few checks through my bank……

To learn more about the business of being a sugar baby I will include some links below.

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